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About the Projects

To address water quality needs and promote long-term economic vitality of the Canyon, the NSSA is pursuing two wastewater projects: one serving the Mill City and Gates basin (Project A), and one serving the Detroit and Idanha basin (Project B). The Wastewater Master Plan outlining these projects was approved in September 2021.

Three of these communities (Detroit, Gates and Idanha) currently rely on individual septic systems, while Mill City maintains a STEP sewer system. Under these conditions, the North Santiam Watershed is at risk of widespread toxic septic system failures, and the four Canyon communities are limited in their capacity for business, housing, and industry development. The 2020 Labor Day wildfires, which severely impacted the economy and infrastructure of much of the Canyon, increased the urgency for a wastewater solution.

In 2021, the NSSA was granted $50 million from the Oregon legislature, which is expected to fully fund Project A and provide interim wastewater solutions in Detroit and Idanha as Project B develops. Estimated time until completion is 5-6 years for Project A and 6-7 years for Project B.

See the Project A and B workflows for an estimated timeline of each project.

Project A


Project B

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