Project Status

In January 2017, a feasibility study titled “North Santiam Canyon Regional Wastewater Analysis” by Keller Associates and an inventory titled “North Santiam Canyon Regional Land Inventory” by Maul Foster and Alongi were completed for these communities. These planning efforts will be expanded to develop a North Santiam Joint Sewer Master Plan and subsequent Wastewater Treatment Facility Plan(s). Master planning paves the way for funding acquisition, and design and construction.

General Project Timeline
TimeLine Graphic.png

Short Term (0-1 years): Develop a project plan of action, which includes the following to ensure that the wastewater project can be accomplished.

Mid-Term (1-4 years): Engineering and design studies. The securing of permitting, loans, grants, and fees to fund phased project costs.

Long-Term (4-8 years): Project prioritization, construction of project components.


What has been accomplished so far?: A pathway to legal entity status has been established, as well as stakeholder mapping, decision modeling, general time line for project, potential financing options, and city resolutions from Detroit, Gates, Idanha and Mill City that specifically requested the formation of a sewer authority by Marion County. The formal binding of the sewer authority has created joint financial and operational responsibility and a commitment to a legal governance structure.

An extensive data collection process for master planning has been underway. This includes gathering records from communities in the canyon, geotechnical investigations, infiltration testing, and field evaluations of existing infrastructure.
What is happening now?: Data collection from communities within the North Santiam Sewer Authority is continuing and the processing of this data is underway.

What is happening next?: Mill City’s existing sewer system, the only public sewer system in the North Santiam Canyon, is currently undergoing an evaluation and valuation. This will provide valuable insights into the historical demands, costs, etc. of a public sewer system in the canyon. Furthermore, it will pave the way for incorporating existing sewer assets into the new joint sewer venture.

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