Recent Developments

City of Gates signs the IGA

On May 26, 2020, the City of Gates City Council signs the IGA.  "For the first time in approximately 40 or more years of planning and hoping and numerous attempts to create a sewer system, the city of Gates now has a real opportunity to get a sewer system,” Mayor John McCormick said.   “I know this makes some people uncomfortable, but I see it as a great opportunity for the whole Canyon, where the benefits far outweigh the risks,” Kent said. “Hopefully, we can pave the way for other towns to do this same kind of thing later.”  

The North Santiam Sewer Authority (NSSA) now has the green light to continue working with Keller Associates, the engineering firm that has been hired to create a project plan and design the sewer system for both Idanha/Detroit and Gates/Mill City. 

KYAC  Town Hall

February 4th KYAC radio station in Mill City, Oregon, the North Santiam Joint Sewer Task Force had a 30 minute slot opened for Danielle Gonzalez, Mayor Kirsch of Mill City, Mayor Tucker of Gates, and Dale Weis resident of Gates. There were updates on the sewer project and concerns. Click here for the broadcast. 

RFQ for Design and Engineering has been decided

The NSJSTF put out a RFQ-Request for Qualifications in July, 2019 and received bids back.  On September 25th, the NSJSTF Board met to review the bids and make a decision.  As authorized under the RFQ and contract with Marion County, MWVCOG will now pursue negotiation of a contract for services with Keller Associates.  Thank you to the proposers for the time, care and effort put in to responding to the RFQ. 

 North Santiam Sewer Authority is close to being created. 

The North Santiam Joint Sewer Task Force has been meeting for many, many months and has been able to make some important decisions. The Parties (the four cities) will be creating the North Santiam Sewer Authority public entity, formed by this intergovernmental agreement under the auspices of ORS Chapter 190, specifically ORS 190.00, and declare that it will be known as the North Santiam Sewer Authority (NSSA.)   Soon, the Parties will be agreeing and acknowledging that the NSSA shall exist and operate as an independent government under ORS 190; separately  and independently from the Partie's governing bodies.  We have created a logo for our new Authority and am awaiting final design creation. 

April 2, 2019  North Santiam Sewer Project Task Force receives Grant funding!  

The Task Force was awarded a grant of $25,000.  These funds will be used to pay for the consultant that will advise the Task Force through the process of establishing a sewer authority, setting up the fiscal authority and requesting a RFP to begin the engineering process.  

March 27, 2019.  An Intergovernmental Agreement  (IGA) was made between Marion County and the City of Mill City.  The City has agreed to act as a the financial fiduciary on the behalf of the North Santiam Joint Sewer Task Group.  This agreement establishes the terms upon which the County shall provide funding for the North Santiam Sewer Project.  

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