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Oregon Legislative Request for $50M Approved

Earlier this year, Marion County, on behalf of the North Santiam Sewer Authority, submitted a Capital Funding Request to the Oregon Legislature for $50 million for the North Santiam Canyon Sewer Project. The request is broken down into two projects (Project A and Project B) in order to phase the work. The proposal is intended to fully comply with the Three Basin Rule and accelerate the immediate work on the North Santiam Sewer Project. The Oregon Legislature approved HB 5006 A in the last few days of the long session which provides Marion County $50 million for the North Santiam Sewer Project.

Project A: Cities of Gates and Mill City - $40 million for constructing new and increased capacity sewer infrastructure for the City of Gates, linking to Mill City. Infrastructure will upgrade and increase sewer capacity for the collection, treatment, and disposal of sewage for a combined system. It is imperative for this project to commence immediately for the rebuilding and recovery of the City of Gates.

Project B: Cities of Detroit and Idanha - $10 million for interim septic measures and further engineering and testing. While additional time will be necessary for water flow testing, engineering design and property challenges, Marion County sought interim funding for homeowner and business septic system grants for Detroit and Idanha residents. These grants are intended to purchase and install high tech geologically suitable septic systems as they begin to rebuild in their communities. In addition, funding will be used to evaluate and engineer an environmentally sound solution for the future Detroit and Idanha Sewer System.

Additional grant and potentially federal earmark funding will be necessary in the future to complete the sewerage for Detroit and Idanha. Required work will continue behind the scenes to move this portion of the project forward without delay.

The contracted engineering firm, Keller Associates, will present the draft North Santiam Sewer Master Plan Draft to the public via Zoom Conference Call on July 14, 2021 at 6:30 pm. The Town Hall is expected to be live on KYAC 94.9 Mill City.

You can find the full project update here.


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